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To educate, empower & serve the patients and medical community through precision medicine—enhancing clinical trials & ensuring advanced quality care for all.


What is Precision Medicine?

Precision Medicine, why now?

Every individual is different- different in their genetic make up, how they grew up, where they grew up.  Every choice a person creates more diversity.  Today, the medical community understands that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to many areas of treatment. That’s where precision medicine comes in.


Precision medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person. Currently, this is taken into account in many types of cancer treatment, but the world of precision medicine is growing rapidly to include other areas of treatment, and will eventually become the standard of care in for all patients.


This is the beginning of a long and exciting path to a new paradigm of medical care. There are many efforts that are underway to ensure that precision medicine will move from the exception to the norm in clinical practice. Now is the time for precision medicine to come to the forefront because we have all the tools we need:


  • Human genome sequencing
  • Biomedical technology that can support the analysis
  • Tools that can support the large data sets needed to apply the increasing patient population


Click here to take a look at how this bold initiative will take place from the perspective of National Institute of Health.


We are living in an exciting time for medicine, and the combination of a pervasive understanding of importance of genetic testing, the current developing technology, and an increasing need for personalized medicine has brought this intuitive to the forefront of the medical community.  Just ten years ago, the cost of sequencing a single person’s genome was astronomical ($22 Million), and the time it took to do so was impractical for any type of urgent medical care (2 years). With the introduction of smart phone technology and other rapidly evolving technology over the last decade, we have seen both cost and time of genome sequencing drop by orders of magnitude.


Today, the cost and time for a person to find out everything about their genetic make up is $1000-$5000, and it takes less than a day! Imagine where we can be in the next decade with the help of the NIH, the Violet Foundation, and contributors such as yourself.



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